15+ Women Who Chose Bright Colors for Their Hair and Have No Regrets

2 years ago

It’s difficult for many of us to build up the courage to change something in our look. It is especially true if it involves something with a long-term commitment, like dyeing your hair. However, today’s heroes proved with their own experience that it’s totally worth it, as it brings you lots of satisfaction, confidence, and allows you to feel like yourself.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared some photos of women who know that those who dare, win.

1. “What a difference 4 hours can make!”

2. “Let the stylist do whatever she wanted as long as it was blue.”

3. “How it started vs how it’s going”

4. “Can’t believe I managed to do the awesome sunset hair all by myself.”

5. “My newly-dyed hair all ready for Christmas”

6. “Mistakes were made. Luckily, I didn’t have to leave the house. Here’s the fixed result.”

7. “My sister got her hair dyed, inspired by an aurora borealis.”

8. “I’ve wanted to do it since high school, so I finally bit the bullet and went pink!”

9. “Before & after”

10. “My mom said, ’Girl, you’re wild,’ when she saw my hair. I’m obsessed.”

11. “With hair dye, the possibilities are endless!”

12. “Went from dark brown to bright pink in one day.”

13. “Finally living my dream of a full colorful head.”

14. “This is the brightest and shortest I’ve gone so far, and I am obsessed!!!”

15. “Since I’ve said goodbye to the corporate world, I’ve been playing with some color melts!”

16. “Switched it up a little... (all done by me, not a professional, lol).”

17. “Couldn’t decide between violet and red, so I chose both!”

18. “I tried UV hair dye and now I am naturally shocked about how cool it looks.”

Have you ever dyed your hair bright, or do you prefer natural colors?

Preview photo credit xamyjayne / Reddit


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