16 Times People Couldn’t Hide Their Creativity Even If They Tried To

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A well-known quote says “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” This is the case for anyone, professional artist or not, who puts their thoughts into creation. We have gathered 16 glorious examples about how anything is doable if you put some effort.

1. “My honey came with a tiny handmade beekeepers hat.”

2. “My dog Finn and I did this re-creation yesterday.”

3. “My new bra has hands built inside the cups.”

4. A pizza menu.

5. “Dare I say...the ’neverending fence’ is complete.”

6. “Love frogs and coffee.”

7. “Got tired of trimming the driveway 2-3 times a week. Made a tunnel.”

8. A chair whose comfort is to be debated.

9. “The tenant, who was apparently quite solution-oriented, didn’t mind and built her house around the tree.”

10. “My nana is bored, so she’s keeping me fresh.”

11. “A reminder on the inside of my pants.”

12. “I 3D-printed my son’s brain using data from his MRI.”

13. “A good friend had her arm stump tattooed.”

14. “I’m working on this chessboard. I made it from silver and 24k gold. Each square is .7 mm x .7mm.”

15. “Turf flip-flops at the Sanuk store in Downtown Disney.”

16. “This person taking their parrot for a walk at the mall.”

It’s amazing how people can be creative with anything in their lives. It’s like those who buy old things and transform them into something completely new. Or like objects that are unique and nothing else reminds them. And let’s not forget about parents who let their creativity run wild when it comes to their parenting methods.


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