23 Old Things That Were Transformed by People Whose Creativity Is the Size of a Giraffe

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In a world where technology daily brings us new creations, there are many nostalgic and vintage fanatics who go against the flow rescuing old objects to give them a magical touch and use them once again. Airport seats from the ’70s adorning a living room or a desk from 1963 are proof that the old always comes back.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we found some objects transformed by very ingenious people. We still can’t believe that these items are not new at all.

1. “Our house still has all the original doorknobs from 1928.”

2. “Thought you guys would like to see my eclectic vintage setup that I’ve been working on for a couple of months! So proud of how it’s turned out so far.”

3. “Drove cross country to bring my great grandma’s kitchen table home with me. I love it so much!!”

4. “Our most recent fun acquisition. 1970s airport bench.”

5. “This is easily my best estate sale find ever! I bought a vintage 1963 Drexel secretary from their Declaration line with perfectly working tambour doors. Also cat approved.”

6. “Picked up across the street before the garbage truck got to it!”

7. “Vintage radio I bought today. Looks perfect with my thrifted horse figure.”

8. “Sergio Bustamonte toucan, found in a thrift”

  • My mother owns several Bustamante pieces including a paper mache version of the same bird! All are beautiful works of art© ghostguide29 / Reddit

9. “$15 dollar desk from the thrift store”

10. “My old lamp sitting atop of my old radio sitting atop of my old dresser”

11. “Gallery wall in our bedroom full of antique-store-finds I’ve collected over the past few years.”

12. An old renovated heater from the ’60s

13. “Scored this gem off my customer today, in emaculate condition, they said it was purchased in 1963, this was in her mothers house.”

14. This is an alarm clock from the 1990s. It has a radio and 4 different melodies depending on how the floppy disk is inserted.

15. “Mom gave me my bassinet from when I was born in 1979. No kids of my own but found a way to display her!”

16. “Finally found a clock 😀”

17. “I made this Christmas boot from plastic packaging!”

18. “Took about 10 hours of heavy cleaning to get rid of 70 years of grease, but she’s looking beautiful again and all the lights finally work.”

19. Trash turned into a library.

20. “Ikea table from the late ’80s or early ’90s. Everyone in my partner’s family has had this in their house at some point. I refinished it for her sister for Christmas.”

21. Completely remodeled grill

22. “Before & after”

23. “Curb find — needed 2 more dining room chairs and can’t bring myself to spend $200+/each. Spent $25 on fabric and gave them a good cleaning. Swipe for the glow up.”

Have you transformed old items in your home? Which ones?

Preview photo credit acupunk / Reddit


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