16 Lovely Couples Whose Age Difference Doesn’t Mean a Thing to Them

year ago

There is a quote that says “Relationships are about the real connection between people, not numbers.” If you take a look around you and start noticing the couples in your circle or walking down the street, you will see that their ages don’t always match. Sometimes there is a 10-year difference or in other cases there is even a 25-year difference. And while that may seem awkward for some people, for those involved it means absolutely nothing.

1. “Don’t you love when you finally get your family to meet your partner and it actually goes well. (20F & 37M)”

2. “I proudly wear the wrinkles in this marriage (I’m 42, he’s 27.)”

3. “My fiancé (49M) and I (24F) are going on 3 years together! Getting married next spring.”

4. “17 year age gap. 3+ years of big love. He’s 35, I’m 52.”

5. “Celebrating my 1 year married to my (32) husband (64) and I’ve never known happiness in a relationship like this.”

6. “Can’t wait to make this guy my husband (28) & (52)”

7. “My husband (58) and I (36) just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.”

8. “Nearly a 24 year age gap. Together 4 years now.”

9. “I (24) met him (41), and when I said, ’You look like trouble, what do you want?’ He laughed and said, ’You.’”

10. “I just turned 35. He is 56. We met when I was 22. We are happily married with three kids.”

11. “I’m 26 and he’s 50. We’re happily married with a baby girl, together for 4 years.”

12. “We were 19 and 59 at the time. Still great friends.”

13. “Married just over a month ago! I’m 31 and he’s 49.”

14. “My partner (47) and I (25) took a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I’m the happiest when I’m with him.”

15. “I’m 32, he’s 61. Four years together, little less than a year married.”

16. “I’m head over heels in love with this man! Couldn’t care less about doing long-distance nor our 35-year age gap. [F30/M65]”


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