16 Mind-Boggling Photos Where Reality Is Not What It Appears

8 months ago

Sometimes it’s impossible to capture the right shot, no matter how hard you try. But some random photos can turn into true works of art. That’s because at first glance, you can’t even tell what’s depicted in them and how it happened.

“Never skip arm day.”

“Strong old man”

This is not his hand.

“That T-shirt is flying, right?”

“The shadow of the power line on my car makes it look like I had a fender bender.”

2-headed dog

“Basset hound-man and his hound”

“Waste pipe from...the cream cheese factory?”

The cat is doing some parkour.

“A big fish, a big man, and 2 wee little legs”

“A building floating in the ocean”

“Hovercat mode is still in beta testing.”

“Palm Springs giant, 1976”

“My raw chicken”

“3-handed lady”

“My grandma sent me this photo today.”

Examining such photos is not only fun but also great for exercising your brain, especially when you try to figure out where the third hand is coming from. Take a look at a few more of these mysterious photos.

Preview photo credit Schwarzmodh / Reddit


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