16+ Pictures Accurately Depicting Why Canada Is Such a Unique Country

8 months ago

You may already be familiar with the warm and boundless politeness of the Canadian people. Visitors from other countries often find it surprising that the word “sorry” is frequently used in everyday conversations here. And that’s just one of the unique things you will not easily find anywhere else on the planet.

1. Everyone says ’sorry’.

2. “I ordered a TV and left for the Christmas holiday. When I returned home today, I saw it standing alone at the front door.”

MikeCDN / Pikabu

“Checked the tracking history — it was in everyone’s sight for 2 days.”

3. “How to spot the Canadians on campus.”

4. Christmas bus

5. “Winters in Canada are harsh.”

6. “Saw this in the backyard today. I live in Coquitlam, by the way.”

7. “You know you’re shopping in Canada when the payment terminal comes attached to a hockey stick.”

8. “It took him literally 25 minutes to go up the street.”

9. Who’s laughing at Canada’s plastic money now?

10. This donut with maple bacon in the shape of a maple leaf.

11. Hail in Canada can reach enormous sizes.

12. “Had a super Canadian moment yesterday. Canada geese using the crosswalk. We all stopped to let them cross.”

13. Canada takes their love for maple very seriously: they make maple leaf shaped cheese puffs!

14. “Had a visitor this morning.”

15. They sell milk in bags.

16. Not only can it be too cold, but it can get too hot in Canada.

Every country is different and so are their beauty standards. Japan is also known as one of the most unique places in our planet, where we can see the most unusual things.


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