15 People Who Can’t Stop Talking About the Great Service They Received

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Customer service is one of the most important things in any business and people always try to be at their top behavior. We tend to forget that those who work in that sector are customers too when they get off work. That’s how they know what’s important and why it’s okay to be a little bit overboard in order to satisfy others.

1. “Went on a Disney cruise and was asked what I want for dessert.. I said ‘nothing’ and got this.”

2. “The number of pillows my wife was given after requesting extra pillows.”

3. “Me to the flight attendant at 3am- ‘excuse me, may I have another bag if cookies’ her- ” sure here you go! a bag of cookies!"."

4. A perfect hairstylist

5. “Ordered an 8 pc tenders box from Popeyes, got at least 20.”

6. This Skittles vending machine lets you mix your own ratio.

7. When you ask for extra croutons.

8. This pizza place tells you the area of all their pizza sizes and how large they are compared to each other.

9. “Asked for extra cheese on my fries. Usually only get a sprinkle more. The fries were buried.”

10. An umbrella vending machine in Japan

11. “My wife asked for as many chocolate sprinkles on her cappuccino as they were legally allowed to give.”

12. “You can print out a short story at my local coffee shop. Read while you wait.”

13. “Asked for extra olives on my salad.”

14. “The ample amount of lettuce used to wrap my burger when I request no bun at Carl’s Jr.”

15. “A place sells this, appropriately named, ‘Dragon Scale’ pizza.”

Have you ever asked for something extra and received a massive amount of it?

Preview photo credit Sayomi_Koneko / Reddit


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