15 Things That Left People Wondering What Was Going On

2 years ago

Every once in a while something questionable is thrown our way. Some of us are left with no reaction, but others make sure to capture the moment. That’s how Reddit is filled with pics of mysterious objects, peculiar creations, and bizarre situations. And although we may not 100% understand what led them to exist, it’s fun to try to guess!

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you a few oddballs that stunned people.

1. “This watermelon I bought started foaming”

2. “I found this Mario coin in the Houston area.”

3. “My brand new aluminum fry pan melted during its first use.”

4. “My ice cream came without the cone.”

5. “This rock has been painted to look like a VHS tape.”

6. “It’s a surprise urinal”

7. “Found a bush in the shape of a car”

8. “Look what my parents found on their hike. I’m scared.”

9. “My go pedal fell off.”

10. “My friend’s truck that he parked at his parents’ house around 10 years ago has a tree growing from behind the bumper.”

11. “I found this Spiderman-frog figurine in Mexico.”

12. “My ice cream had 5 sticks in it.”

13. “This tomato that came out of my garden looks like it was cut apart and stitched back together.”

14. “Wife saw this driving around”

15. “I bet it still works.”

Have you ever found any unusual things?

Preview photo credit JQMan4 / Reddit


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