16 Things and Animals Grew So Large We Needed Proof to Believe They Actually Existed

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Being able to grow fruits and vegetables in abnormally big sizes is something achievable if you know the right way. The type of seeds you’re using and the amount of water and type of fertilizer the plants get all play a massive role. However, sometimes things get out of our control and they get bigger without our help. And it’s not only plants, but animals too.

1. This is how big gorilla hands are.

2. “It’s my friends birthday and she really likes spicy chicken sushi. So I made her a massive one.”

3. A flip flop that was probably lost by a giant

4. “Absolute unit of a boot.”

5. “This absolutely massive piece of chocolate I poured out of this Special K box”

6. “Human claw for scale”

7. “This yam is outrageously long.”

8. “My mom’s big cat Bob. He weighs 27 pounds.”

9. “This is a 4-foot-long tromboncino squash.”

10. “I’m in awe of the size of this rabbit. It’s an absolute giant.”

11. “Long carrots for sale at the supermarket in Japan”

12. “Mushroom my dad found in the forest, egg for scale”

13. “My cat is looking for a wife. He’s 24 lbs and he is not at all overweight. Very good boy.”

14. “I think we should name him ‘Lennie’.”

15. “Saw this on a bike ride in the South Downs, UK. What a unit.”

16. A massive lettuce.

Have you ever discovered or made something that was abnormally large? We would love to hear about it or maybe see a picture of it.

Preview photo credit Zeptwins / Reddit, mtlgrems / Reddit


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