17 Mysterious Items Everyone on the Internet Tried to Decode

7 months ago

Have you ever stumbled upon objects so peculiar and unusual that you couldn’t fathom their purpose? You’re not alone. Thankfully, the internet is teeming with experts who can assist in deciphering these enigmas. In the bonus, we’ll present a scenario where it’s wiser not to delve into the truth.

“What is this? Found in my boyfriend’s freezer (he has roommates) and it was beeping.”

Answer: “It is an Omnipod insulin pump. He put it in the freezer because it was a ’screamer’ meaning the pod failed.”

“My ex left me this gift of my dog, what is this hole on the top?”

Answer: “It’s a personalized dog planter for a tiny plant. You can send in a pic of your dog, and they’ll create one that looks similar. They are also super pricy.”

“I found this thing in my basement. I have no idea what it is.”

Answer: Looks like the base of a yarn winder. Toyota was in the fabric loom business originally.

Vintage furniture with an unclear purpose

Answer: It’s a rack for newspapers and magazines.

“My mother’s friend found this with her mother’s possessions.”

Answer: This is used for clipping gloves to your handbag.

“What is this thing? A green & white pendant of some sort was found in my stocking 18 years ago. No one knows where it came from.”

Answer: It’s a jadeite pendant with a space to hold herbs or sandalwood. The word on the back is “fu” which means “luck”.

“My grandma is getting rid of a bunch of old silverware. I wonder what this is?”

Answer: It’s a sugar scuttle.

“What is this clip tool attached to a wristband?”

Answer: It’s for someone playing in instrument in a marching band to hold their sheet music.

“What is this?”

Answer: “Today is my birthday and I turned 55. But nothing made me feel older than seeing this post and knowing immediately what these were. Flash bulbs. Oh my God, I’m so old.”

“I found this flat spoon-sized racket with a king handle.”

Answer: It’s a vintage letter opener.

“I found this in our new house on the top landing banister rail. Seems like it’s meant to hold something but not sure what it is?”

Answer: It looks like a hair dryer holder. But it’s unclear why the previous owners chose such a strange place for it.

“I inherited this 10 years ago and I just found out it opens. Why?”

Answer: This is a perfume bottle.

“I found this at an old decommissioned salmon canning facility.”

Answer: It cleans the chimney.

“What is this attachment on the shower wall in our apartment? It looks too wide to hold soap.”

Answer: It’s a soap dish/sponge holder.

“I found this under my bed, it must’ve belonged to the last au pair. What is this thing?”

Answer: It’s an orchestral conductor’s baton.

“My girlfriend found these in her dinner.”

Answer: “Always wash your produce. Those look like harlequin bug eggs.”

Bonus: “What is this tattoo? Boyfriend won’t explain tattoo.”

Answer: ’Probably matching tattoos he got with his ex."

It’s great that nowadays everyone can ask a question online and get an immediate answer. Here are 15 more mysterious items whose purposes were deciphered by internet experts.

Preview photo credit GrandpaSquarepants / Reddit


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