15 Things We Just Weren’t Expecting to See

2 years ago

There are certain things that we are used to seeing in a very specific way. For example, we know that milk is in liquid form when put inside a carton, but it seems that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes people do things a bit differently, and sometimes they simply do things wrong. That’s why we should always be prepared for something that seem different from what we are used to seeing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share with you 15 such examples that we needed to see in order to fully understand what happened exactly.

1. Someone was given this milk at school.

2. ’’This is how my wife eats her burrito.’’

3. ’’My cat in front of the mirror’’

4. ’’How my 10-year-old brother opened his Lego set’’

5. “Pretending to be wearing socks without actually having to wear them”

6. ’’This floor tile at the airport has a house key embedded in it.’’

7. ’’A friend got some new glasses with heels.’’

8. “Purely deceiving consumers”

9. So your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work...

10. ’’A door in my house’’

11. ’’My water bottle shrank in the wash.’’

12. ’’Frozen spaghetti for 2 in North Dakota’’

13. ’’We never seem to get many people to knock at the door for some reason.’’

14. ’’There was a 4-ounce chunk of Doritos seasoning in the bag.’’

15. He thought he could fit it in his car.

How often do you stumble upon things that surprise you and make you feel like there are still many things that you don’t know about?

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