17 Peculiar Pictures We Wish Someone Could Explain to Us

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There is a quote that says “In a multicultural, diverse society there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity.” And if you take a look around you and really start noticing things and people, you will realize exactly that. Maybe you won’t have an explanation for everything you see, but you will realize that each brain functions differently.

17. “Just a little fast casual dining.”

16. He must have forgotten his glasses.

15. “He made a Jacuzzi at a kids’ park.”

14. Have fun cleaning that dog.

13. What were they thinking about when they did this?

12. “Doing headstand on a surfboard.”

11. No one is gonna fall into this hole! There’s a cone!

10. “Can you eat pizza with chopsticks.”

9. When you just don’t care:

8. How do you end up on an electricity pole with your car?

7. “My buddy lives next door to a car dealership and forgot his parking brake.”

6. Not everyone finds PCs to be inconvenient.

5. A horse enjoying the view.

4. Refuel, done.

3. “Okay, something is stuck. Let me check.”

2. Someone’s first attempt at drawing a sign.

1. Doesn’t look very comfortable.

Have you ever seen anything on the streets that made you wonder how it got there or why it happened? You can share your peculiar spectacles with us.


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