17 People Who Had a Day Where the Light Suddenly Became Darkness

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There are some people who feel like they are on the unlucky side of life, but it could be that they just live their lives more passively. Re-gaining control over your life and not letting your stress making decisions for you is very important. And remember that everyone has unlucky moments in their lives but they don’t always choose to concentrate too much of their time thinking about them.

1. “This is what defeat looks like.”

2. “Mom, I swear it wasn’t me.”

3. “There goes my easy day at work.”

4. “But...HOW!?!?!?”

5. “Someone cut me off and brake-checked me, sending my pizza flying into the footwell.”

6. “A porcupine fell from a tree and fell on her head... The apex of unluckiness.”

7. “This is the vegan option served at the end of a fancy conference dinner.”

8. “My brother ripped off the handle by accident. This should be fun.”

9. “Would you consider this chicken raw?”

10. “If only there was a sign or something.”

11. “Nothing quite like going to a job site and seeing this.”

12. When you can’t wait to test the starting acceleration.

13. “This package of bacon I got”

14. “The result of going for the rear defrost and finding the sunroof.”

15. “Is there a bigger lie than the ’lift and peel’ label?”

16. “Tried bleaching my hair to get rid of the red so I could go deep blue. The bleach only got rid of the color on my roots the rest went pink.”

17. “AirPods went missing...turns out my kid buried them in the backyard.”

Can you remember something that happened to you recently and made you feel the most unlucky person in the world?


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