17 People Who Stumbled Upon Truly Amazing Coincidences

2 years ago

Coincidences occur all the time; we just don’t notice them because most of them are boring, scientists say. However, from time to time, we stumble upon things so rare that we can’t help but wonder: is there something in the world that we don’t understand that is responsible for this? For example, today’s heroes have seen clouds shaped like the map of the world and a statue that looks like a mini version of them.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to search for more amazing coincidences and share our findings with you.

1. “This cicada I found looks like it has the McDonald’s logo on its head.”

2. “Came across this picture and I thought it looked familiar.”

3. “I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume, and a person with the opposite colors walked into the frame.”

4. “Clouds looked like a map of the world.”

5. “The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

6. “I saw some ants carrying a glove up a lamp...”

7. “When I opened my Roku, I found a bunch of signatures on the inside.”

8. “I found this perfectly triangle-shaped rock.”

9. “This hair tie stuck in my shoe tread”

10. “Apparently, bare trees create a web-like pattern when there’s a light shining behind them!”

11. “This Jeep’s break lights are Jeeps.”

12. “Found a piece of rock that looks like a steak.”

13. “This leaf fell on a car of the exact same color.”

14. “My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels.”

15. “My wife was wearing the right jacket at the right time. Pleasanton Ridge, CA”

16. “My fried egg made a yin-yang.”

17. “When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue:”

Have you ever experienced an extraordinary coincidence? Was it during a normal day or were you doing something out of the ordinary at the time? Tell us how it happened!

Preview photo credit Thats_A_Tangy_Malany / Reddit


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