15 Times People Scored Photos That Are as Unique as a Blue Diamond

2 years ago

There are moments in life that are one-in-a-million, so unique that it seems like the universe itself got involved. They are so rare that we should consider ourselves lucky just witnessing them, let alone having the opportunity to take a picture. Today’s heroes managed to capture a rainbow on their dog’s tongue, the reflection of the sunrise on railroad tracks, and many other amazing things.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are happy to show you some examples of impressive photographers’ luck.

1. This photo was snapped on the way home from work. Perfect photo opportunity!

2. “I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting.”

3. “This cloud was photographed from a commercial flight. And it is creating a massive shadow.”

4. “Can you roll your tongue like this?”

5. “My cat’s mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge.”

6. Twice a year in Illinois, we can see this “Road to the Sunrise” — a magnificent reflection of the sunbeams along the railroad tracks.

7. “The impressions a frog made on my truck this morning”

8. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

9. The robbery of the century: baby otters stealing the cat’s food. But wait, what if he finds out?

10. Queen of the rainbow: She’s all purrs and reigns.

11. “These leaves caught on a rock in a stream”

12. “Keep calm, child, and enjoy your meal.” Looks like this “kid” has a smart oven.

13. Funniest bunny ever

14. Got some seeds? The rocket-bird is on its way.

15. This dog licked up the rainbow... Just kidding, it’s just a prism refraction on its tongue. And that is quite a catch!

Which of these photos impressed you the most? Do you have anything similar in your photo library? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit notverycreativename2 / reddit


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