15 Objects That Create a Veil of Mystery That Needs Some Clearing Up

2 years ago

Our civilization as we know it now has been around for quite a lot of centuries now. This means that people before us had to do the same things we do now but without the recent evolved technology. And many of these creations have remained untouched in the course of time for us to discover.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to see whether you know any of these mysterious things or you are clueless as we are.

“My husband found this feather mass on the ground just now. Said it feels like it has a membrane inside of it?”

  • Ok, showed this to my wife (ornithologist and zookeeper of 15+ years). The inside vary likely has fly eggs on it and the feathers are likely from a duck (down in the cut away section gives it away). hsudude22 / reddit

“What is this ring my Uber driver would randomly click?”

“Plastic, each about 300g in weight, insert slides freely in and out of the container, brand(?) on handle is ’kidslabel’”

“Ring with two handles and two rails.”

“Pulled the pan on my transmission to clean the magnet, and found hundreds to thousands of these little (<0.3mm) steel beads.”

“What is this stand found in a farm in Missouri, USA?”

“Found this piece of glass(?) that changes depending on how you look at it, where could this have come from?”

“Weird metal worm squiggle, found in the kitchen.”

“My MIL has had this thing for years and no one in the family can figure out what it is. Looks like it was mounted on the wall or something at one point.”

  • It’s an old bee keeping tool according to Google “Bees Parker’s Foundation Fastener — Wooden Beekeeping tool Circa 1800’s”. Janedough02 / reddit

“What is this round metal thing mounted at the bottom of a telephone pole in NJ?”

  • It’s telecom equipment. Specifically, T1, ISDN or HDSL repeaters. It is in a can because it is pressurized, along with the cables, in order to prevent and detect water ingress. jackrats / reddit

“I found this metal object. No text or numbers. Can retract to be the size of a bracelet.”

“Found this in Grandpas box of old things.”

  • This was part of a set of premiums for malted milk. Very cool but not very exotic. msebeth / reddit

“Can be used for wood working, been in my family garage for years. Is it a type of nut? Or something more profound?”

“Metal things we’e had in our house for years.”

  • I think they’re andirons or sometimes called fire dogs. Often quite valuable. jagietzen1 / reddit

“Small olive metal container with ‘91232’ printed on the side. Seems to have a filter of some sort inside.”

Did you know what any of these things shown above were before you read the answers?

Preview photo credit Theheadandthefart / reddit


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