17 Pictures That Prove Mother Nature Is a True Artist

2 years ago

Many people go to museums to enjoy art, but nature can surprise us way more than any art exhibition. You just have to be attentive and notice all the miracles life has prepared for you. The heroes of this article not only noticed all the masterpieces created by nature but took pictures of them so we all could enjoy them.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe life is full of beautiful gifts, and we chose 17 photos that prove it.

1. “I found this tree with eyes at our campsite.”

2. “This triangle-shaped rock I found”

3. “My son was born with an extra toe on his right foot.”

4. “My daughter (3) and I both have clubbed thumbs — no thumb wars for us!”

5. “My double and triple apples”

6. “One of our hens laid a perfectly round egg today.”

7. A kid born with conjoined toes, also known as syndactyly

8. A dog with black spots on its tongue

9. “My friend has an extra crease in his fingers.”

10. “My mom was born without an ear canal on her right side.”

11. “Found this cherry growing unusually low near the ground.”

12. These mushrooms that look like beautiful burger buns

13. “The color pattern in my eye”

14. “My little sister was born with 6 fingers.”

15. “Naturally occurring ’ice flowers’ that form during perfect winter conditions in New Zealand — the flowers are on top of bark and rocks.”

16. “This curvy banana”

17. “My cat has one little curly whisker.”

If you were born with an extra toe or finger, would you have wanted it removed soon after birth? Or would you rather keep it and show it off everywhere?


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