15 Times the Universe Stunned People With an Unexpected Offering

2 years ago

It’s when you’re sure another ordinary day is ahead that something truly extraordinary happens. Whether it’s good, like finding a cool real-life optical illusion, or bad, like noticing a fruit fly walked all over your cookie, you get an unforgettable memory out of it. This is what makes getting out of bed in the morning so exciting.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some people who had something remarkable happen to them. Enjoy their photos here!

1. “A fruit fly walked across my chocolate peppermint patty as it cooled, leaving footprints.”

2. “Last night, my wife’s Uber had a duck in it.”

3. “My boyfriend asked me to sell a few of his horror movies online, and the first buyer rolled up in this.”

4. “This car I saw today”

5. “I got this picture while flying through Louisiana yesterday.”

6. “The woman serving me had hand-knitted gloves almost identical to mine.”

7. “Water levels at Lake Powell are so low you can find old wrecks out of the water.”

8. “A mosquito bit me on my bruise, leaving a perfect little circle in the middle.”

9. “There is this lizard that comes to sit specifically on my router every day, multiple times a day.”

10. “The fate of an unfortunate fly at the mask factory”

11. “I’m inside Windows XP.”

12. “That one time a vulture flew into my bathroom”

13. “The holes in this bread make it seem like the camera has focused on the middle but not the edges.”

14. “I was playing around with extra dry ice this morning, and the quick snap I took surprised me.”

15. “Landlords, please don’t paint over cockroaches.”

What accidental discoveries have you made? Share your photos and stories with us!

Preview photo credit Yarfing_Donkey / Reddit


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