17 Facelift Before and After Photos

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Even though plastic surgery is a huge decision that has to be thought through many times because of the numerous potential complications, there are people for whom it was all worth it.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered the before and after pics of those who took the risk and couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I got a chin implant and a rhinoplasty. It was worth it!”

Oh it was definitely worth it! Her face changed so drastically after surgery as we can see in these extraordinary before and after pics. It is unbelievable how much of a difference a chin and a nose can make on the entire face.

“10 units of Botox completely fixed the dimpling in my chin.”

Now while this required minimum effort, the difference it made in her face is fantastic! This shows that extensive plastic surgery is not needed to achieve great results. So even if you have something minor on your face that gives you discomfort, you can still deal with it thanks to minor cosmetic procedures.

“I had an operation to fix my underbite, and I lost a lot of weight.”

We are having a really hard time believing this is the same person. This before and after is spectacular, and, again, it didn’t require much to transform this guy into a literal prince. Even his lips look fuller!

“Top is before chin liposuction and buccal fat removal, the bottom is 11 days post-op. I couldn’t be happier.”

Yet another excellent example of how much a proper chin can do for your entire face. These before and afters also look so natural! We would have never guessed that this woman had a full chin transplant. And the after photo is only eleven days after the surgery, that’s incredible.

Rhinoplasty, before and after

Personally, we believe that the girl was gorgeous even before the rhinoplasty, but what matters is how she feels in her skin. And we for sure can tell that she’s happy with what plastic surgery could do for her nose and confidence.

Otoplasty — before and 1 day post-op

This is a really good solution for prominent ears. We can see that even the guy’s face shape looks different now that his ears are in a more fitting shape. Very cool and very handsome!

“My progress: I had braces and double jaw surgery to fix my teeth and skeletal issues.”

It is crazy how much some people need to do just to fix their teeth. Those of us born with regular teeth do not realize the privilege. Braces are one thing, but a double jaw plastic surgery? This girl is incredibly brave and, thankfully, it was totally worth it. What a lovely result, we are very happy for her!

“Finally, I reached one year. It is show-off time.”

What a fantastic result! Often, with hair transplant, it can be quite obvious if you look at the person’s roots, but not here. There is absolutely no way we would have guessed he had a hair transplant, and that is the best anyone can hope for. We love his new hair, good haircut too.

Before and a little over a year after rhinoplasty

Her plastic surgeon did an amazing job, we love that he subtly corrected the nose, but preserved the shape that fits this girl’s face the best, without making her look completely different. She looks gorgeous. And good job choosing a different eyebrow shape!

“I could probably be in Guinness’s record book if I wanted.”

He can still get into the Guinness’s record book for being so handsome! This guy had a great transformation, not only did he get plastic surgery, he also clearly got a confidence boost, which inspired him to get some facial hair and a cool haircut. He clearly made a long way to self love, and now it is working for him.

“6 months after my hair transplant”

Wow, yet another spectacular hair transplant! How do these look so natural? We are absolutely obsessed.

Before a sliding genioplasty and 5 months post-op

We are very surprised to see that in the case with genioplasty and other chin transformations, the entire face changes completely. A very beautiful before and after here!

“9 months post glow up! It was the best decision ever.”

Different nose, different jaw, but same hair! And hair is probably the only thing that makes us believe it’s the same girl. The nose looks very delicate and the jaw is spectacular as always.

“Braces, double jaw surgery, bone grafting, a sinus lift, and dental implants. We’re finally done!”

Oh man, this girl had to go through a lot, but look at that confidence! We are very proud of her and think she looks gorgeous, bravo.

“6 months after my tip rhinoplasty”

A nice and very subtle plastic surgery on the nose. And most importantly, she is very happy with that result. This girl indeed looks very nice in her before and after pictures.

“6 weeks nose job post-op! I think it’s just wonderful!”

We have another proof that you do not need to change your nose shape completely or fit into a silly standard of a button nose to work for your face. This woman did not lose her uniqueness, just made it more suitable to how she’d want it to look.

“Today is the 1-year anniversary of my surgery, repositioning of the upper and lower jaw.”

Now this might be taking the cake for the best facial transformation on this list. Frankly, these before and after photos speak for themselves. We are too speechless to add anything else at this point. Incredible results!

What’s your attitude toward facelift? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit throwawayswans / Reddit


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