20 Pics Proving That Japan Can Astonish Even the Most Seasoned Traveler

8 months ago

Japan is an astonishing and diverse country. It has the power to amaze even those who have lived there for several years, let alone first-time visitors. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the Land of the Rising Sun yet, for now, enjoy photos that showcase the unparalleled life of Japan.

“When you need help at a train station in Japan, station staff will literally pop out and help you.”

“Chocolate Coated Scorpions in Vending Machine in Japan.”

“This thing can be found in all the elevators at my hotel in Japan.”

Subways in Japan have “Women Only” cars.

“The gum I bought in Japan comes with a stack of paper for easy disposal.”

In Tokyo, housing is more tightly packed than almost any other metropolis. So they build skinny houses which are narrow and tall.

Japanese white strawberries that smell like strawberries but taste like a mild strawberry without any acid.

The sweat of the majority of Japanese people doesn’t smell bad. Therefore they use spray deodorants that control the amount of sweat, but not the smell.

Depositphotos.com, Depositphotos.com

The majority of Japanese restaurants have realistic plastic menu displays.

There is a device in the library that sterilizes your books for 30 seconds.

In a Japanese beauty salon, they cover your face with a napkin when washing your hair in order to not spoil your makeup and to let you relax.

Ordinary swimwear in Japan is considered too revealing. Japanese women love closed models: with skirts, in the form of a sundress or T-shirt with shorts.

“The way the movers arranged my boots to keep my floor clean.”

This pizza box in Japan has a handle in the middle to keep the pizza flat.

Hospital food in Japan

In Japan, you can tie the sticker on a Coke bottle in a bow by pulling a tab.

The public toilets have transparent walls. But they become matte when someone is inside.

Some construction worker’s jackets have air conditioning.

“Used clothing store with no attendant in Japan.”

“Metal post in bathroom alongside toilet, found in hotels in Japan.”

Not even a hundred articles would be enough to showcase the full diversity of Japan and express our love for this country. Here, you can see the incredible inventions that can be found at every turn in Japan.

Preview photo credit JMonsorno / Reddit


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