20+ People Who Tried a New Hairstyle and Turned Their Look Around

2 years ago

They say life is too short for boring hair. And these people weren’t afraid to shake things up by experimenting with their strands. Whether it’s growing out those tresses, chopping them off, or spicing them up with some dye — these new hairstyles definitely transformed these individuals into improved versions of themselves.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected photos of people who took the hair plunge, and emerged gracefully with their amazing, new look.

1. “After almost 6 years of growing my hair out, it was finally time for the big chop. Feeling great!”

2. “I finally decided to cut and color my own hair with more than 2 colors!”

3. “After 3 years, I went to a hairstylist and I love it.”

4. “Chopped off my hair!”

5. “I love seeing all of the extreme transformations on me.”

6. “Very flattering! And you look much happier!”

7. “I struggled with having grey hair at a young age. 3 years ago I decided to stop using dye and let my hair grow.”

8. “All of this change within 3 months and I couldn’t be happier.”

9. “18 months apart! My hair was fried from bleaching and had lost its wave entirely.”

10. “I didn’t have much hair before the buzz, but here is my hair transformation!”

11. “Transitioned for 11 months & just got my big chop!”

12. “My jaw dropped. Long hair suits you so much more than short hair.”

13. “I finally did it! And I didn’t cry!”

14. “2.5 years of letting my hair go grey”

15. “I dyed my hair platinum and then got bored and went pink.”

16. “I did something crazy last night.”

17. “I bleached and dyed my hair! I couldn’t be happier about it.”

18. “How it started vs How it’s going”

19. “I cut and dyed my own hair last night.”

20. “I was scared, but I did the big chop and actually love it.”

21. “From then to now!”

22. “From blonde to brunette — I feel like a new woman!”

23. “The couple that gets big chops together stays together.”

24. “I went from medium light long hair, to a dark pixie cut. Never going back!”

How often do you change your hairstyle? What was your last big change? Please, share your pics with us!

Preview photo credit PastSelect / reddit


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All the people show who have long, narrow faces to begin with and persist in having long hair completely ignore the fact that it seriously detracts from the balance of their features. The perspective of the camera makes them look like their face reaches from the top of their head to somewhere around the vicinity of their waistline.


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