Tom Hanks Fiercely Defends His Wife’s Beauty Against Cruel Body-Shaming Comments

11 months ago

The bond between Tom and Rita Wilson goes far beyond the surface-level aspects of Hollywood fame and physical attractiveness. With more than 34 years of togetherness, their connection remains unyielding. In the face of recent criticism aimed at Rita’s body weight, Tom stood unwaveringly by her side, showering her with heartfelt admiration for her beauty. Their profound love for one another is evident, and no external judgment can ever undermine the solid foundation of their enduring relationship.

Tom and Rita have been life partners for 34 years.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson crossed paths in 1981 while working on the TV show Bosom Buddies. Little did they know that their initial friendship would evolve into something more profound. Four years later, during the production of Volunteers, their connection blossomed into a romantic relationship. Following Hanks’ divorce from his first wife, they sealed their love by tying the knot in 1988. Since then, they have embarked on a journey together that spans over three decades, demonstrating the strength and endurance of their bond.

“The success of our relationship was a matter of timing, maturity, and our willingness to have an intimate connection,” Hanks revealed candidly. “When I married Rita, I thought, ’This is going to require some change on my part.’ I won’t deny that providence was part of us finding each other, but our relationship isn’t magic — the way it’s shown in movies.”

Throughout their journey together, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have lovingly nurtured a wonderful family, welcoming the arrival of their two sons, Chester in 1990 and Truman in 1995. Mirroring their parents’ artistic passions, both children have embarked on their own paths within the diverse realms of the entertainment industry.

Despite their commitment to privacy, the couple has consistently emanated joy and satisfaction in their public engagements, serving as a testament to the resilience of their connection and the unwavering support they provide to one another.

“I’ll never forget, we were standing on the corner of 57th and 5th in New York, or 58th and 5th,” Rita said, “he looked at me, and he said, ’You know, I just want you to know, that you never have to change anything about who you are in order to be with me.’”


Rita Wilson’s brave revelation about her battle with breast cancer and her decision to undergo a double mastectomy, accompanied by Tom Hanks’ unwavering support, stands as a remarkable testament to their indomitable bond. Hanks’ profound love and care for his wife served as a source of immense comfort throughout this challenging period.

Their unwavering devotion and steadfast commitment have served as an inspiration to countless individuals, showcasing the power of their love in conquering any obstacles that come their way. Reflecting on that time, Rita fondly remembers, “You never know how your spouse is going to react in a situation like this. I was so amazed, so blown away by the care my husband gave me.”

He deeply treasures his wife’s beauty, especially in the face of hurtful body-shaming comments.

Rita Wilson has gone through periods of weight fluctuations in the past due to various factors, such as finding solace in food during stressful moments, leading to unintended weight gain. Regrettably, these changes in her appearance were met with hurtful remarks and body shaming. “Tom looks in great shape, while Rita looks out of shape and flabby,” is what some people say about the star’s body.

Nevertheless, Rita profoundly comprehends how to prioritize her mental and physical well-being. Despite acknowledging her body’s imperfections, she has made the courageous decision to embrace self-love and embark on a transformative journey toward adopting a healthier lifestyle.


However, despite the negative comments online, her husband’s love for her remains unwavering. The actor understands that beauty extends far beyond a woman’s physical appearance. His admiration for his wife is unwavering, saying she’s “extremely brave and beautiful.”

Tom Hanks has consistently displayed his affection and consideration for her. His heartfelt words never cease to make her feel incredibly fortunate. The sentiment is reciprocal, as Hanks has also conveyed his gratitude for having Wilson by his side, saying, “I’m a lucky man.”

Despite the passage of 34 years, their connection remains unshakeable, transcending the changes in their bodies and the sands of time. Their love is a genuine partnership that surpasses mere physicality, exemplifying the strength of true dedication and companionship.


Hanks and Wilson also enjoy being grandparents to their three grandchildren.

When they spend time together, Tom and Rita find joy in cooking meals at home. The kitchen is their favorite place to be, where they collaborate and prepare delicious dishes together. One of their favorite culinary delights is a comforting hot soup bowl.

Hanks and Wilson take great pleasure in their role as grandparents to their three adorable grandchildren. The couple’s two eldest sons have blessed them with the joys of grandparenthood through the birth of their precious daughters. Chet is a proud father to Michaiah, while Colin embraces the joys of fatherhood with his daughters Olivia and Charlotte.

One of Hanks’ cherished memories as a grandfather was when he took one of his granddaughters to Disneyland. He excitedly persuaded her to join the thrilling Winnie the Pooh adventure ride during their visit. Little did they know that the experience would leave a lasting impact on the young girl, creating a memory she will never forget.

Hanks and Wilson find joy in being down-to-earth grandparents. Despite their celebrity status, their grandchildren are unaffected and happily engage in regular play dates with their grandparents. The couple values creating a normal and cherished family life, where quality time together is treasured above all else.

The love of a husband is priceless, and Tom Hanks is not the only one who has shown remarkable devotion. These 9 legendary celebrity husbands are ready to move mountains and fiercely protect their beloved ones.



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