18 Transformations That May Make You Want to Shake Up Your Style Too

2 years ago

“Fresh starts” don’t always need to be drastic. Sometimes, a simple change in your appearance — maybe a new haircut or color, or a shift in beard style — can already make you feel like a brand new person. And it could also add a whole new level of confidence within you.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 18 “before and after” photos of people who took a risk by changing their styles and succeeded with flying colors.

1. “I’m used to medium to long hair, but my choices led me to this.”

2. “Had a little fun getting rid of my beard.”

3. “Did the big chop! Cut out most of the old color.”

4. August 2019 vs today

5. “Double rainbow”

6. 2018 vs 2020

7. “I look so different with my hair dark vs light. I finally put down the bleach!”

8. “Wanted to make my look a little edgier, so I went shaggy!”

9. “My son really changed up his look for summer!”

10. “A big change after being blonde for 4 years!”

11. “I chopped it off!”

12. “I’m back to work now and was wondering if I should keep the beard or not.”

13. “A quick before and after from my cut and color a few weeks back! I’m still so obsessed.”

14. “Loved the red but needed a change.”

15. “Before and after, 4 years”

16. “New bangs and color for my friend and client”

17. “Total makeover”

18. “Grew my hair out for the first time a year ago. Never going back to short hair.”

How often do you change your style? Do you have any “before and after” photos with your improved look? Please share them with us!


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