17 Women Whose Makeup Transformation Can Leave Anyone Breathless

year ago

There is nothing better than some good makeup and skillful hands to quickly transform our little imperfections and make us feel all the more empowered. And while some women like to use it for a subtle changes, others prefer to make a statement with their look or totally transform their appearance. After all, there is something for everyone and every occasion, and this is what makes makeup so universally popular.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we believe that every single woman needs to show off her unique beauty. And here are some women who flaunted their incredible looks thanks to the power of makeup.

’’I gave my mama a makeover!’’

“Before and after. What do you think?”

“I’ve had quite the makeup journey, 2015-2022.”

’’Makeup always looks the best when you have nowhere to go.’’

One could easily do a photoshoot with this makeup.

“Had my hair and make-up trial this weekend.”

Another “before-after” collage

Make up trial, before and after

“I think the brows could be a bit more even but overall I am very happy.”

“Here’s my before and after doing my everyday soft glam to work from home.”

“Had my makeup trial today and I L O V E it!”

’’I had the most AMAZING make up artist.’’

“Disappointing make-up trial (the right photo). I think I will do my own wedding make-up...”

  • You look much more vibrant and glowy in the first set of pictures. And you did a phenomenal job on your own eye makeup! © christidi / Reddit

“My wedding make-up: before and after!”

“Before and after makeup I did for my older sister who’s attending a wedding.”

Make up free vs Fully dolled up

’’I have cystic acne, but someone told me my skin looked beautiful today.’’

What do you think about makeup? Are you the one who goes makeup-free or the one who dolls up even when you only need to go to the convenience store?

Preview photo credit makeupformermaids / Reddit


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