18 Animals You Will Be Thrilled to See They Come in Miniature Versions

year ago

Someone could say that there is a wide belief that smaller animals are cuter than bigger sizes. And maybe that is the case not only with animals, but other miniature things. Maybe it’s because we can take them in our arms and cuddle them without them running away from us. Also, there is probably no fear when you come in contact with a smaller animal.

1. “My baby turtle, Opie.”

2. “I saved a baby armadillo and got it to a wildlife specialist!”

3. “A little Vietnamese mossy frog.”

4. A caterpillar saying, “Hi!”

5. “The Australian western pygmy possum is actually one of the largest pygmy possums in the world despite being no larger than a typical kiwi fruit.”

6. “A dwarf miniature horse I met yesterday.”

7. In case you have never seen a newborn ferret — this is what they look like.

8. “Baby snake, anyone?”

9. “Baby snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs.”

10. A newborn hedgehog whose fingers are almost transparent

11. Look at this smile!

12. This newborn kitten looks like an alien from a faraway galaxy.

13. “A baby possum.”

14. “Orphaned baby opossum I am raising.”

15. “My friend’s new baby turtle.”

16. “She’s was a domesticated bun that was unwanted and thrown out.”

17. “One smol dragon.”

18. The most tiny gator.


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