18 Celebrity Moms Who Challenge the Stigma Surrounding Breastfeeding

7 months ago

Womanhood brings its own set of challenges, and when you step into the role of a mother, the complexity intensifies. A noteworthy hurdle in motherhood involves the task of guaranteeing that your baby gets the right nutrition. Surprisingly, even the seemingly straightforward act of providing baby food can pose quite a challenge. Certain public figures have no reservations about breastfeeding in public. They embrace this act proudly, without concealing it, and even share photos with millions of fans to emphasize its normalcy and naturalness.

1. Emily Ratajkowski

2. Chrissy Teigen

3. Rihanna

4. Ashley Graham

5. Pink

6. Halsey

7. Kourtney Kardashian

8. Gisele Bündchen

9. Hilary Duff

10. Alanis Morissette

11. Troian Bellisario

12. Kate Hudson

13. Amanda Seyfried

14. Lauren Hashian (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)

15. Katherine Schwarzenegger

16. Shay Mitchell

17. Amy Schumer

18. Teresa Palmer

Public breastfeeding isn’t exclusive to famous women; a young woman bravely chose to openly feed her baby but encountered backlash.


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