Rumer Willis Shares Breastfeeding Photo, Sparking Controversy

10 months ago

Rumer Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, recently posted a picture on Instagram where she is breastfeeding her daughter Louetta. This post was a part of her 35th birthday celebration, during which she reflected on her first year as a mother. In her caption, she expressed that she has never felt more beautiful than she does now as a mother.

Although Willis frequently shares glimpses of her life on social media, this specific photo led to a discussion when a fan inquired about her choice to share it. In response, Willis delivered an empowering message that celebrates the beauty and strength of motherhood.

Rumer declared her official entry into her “Hot Mom” phase, shortly before composing a heartfelt letter that resonated with mothers and beyond. After reading it, one fan reached out to Rumer, expressing, "Dear, I wish all mothers could read this as you so aptly describe the beauty of a women’s body and

Rumer Willis recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, expressing deep appreciation for her body’s ability to create a human being, even though it may look and feel different now. She marveled at the joy of witnessing her daughter’s smile, gazing at her tiny toes and perfect face, and how her eyes spark with recognition in the morning.

Willis acknowledges that her body is still adjusting, but regardless of the shape it takes, she remains profoundly grateful for all it has accomplished and continues to do. She added, “My breasts might be bigger and perhaps ever so drifting downward, but what a gift and privilege that they can feed and provide nourishment for my Lou. They also make a fantastic pillow while we co-sleep.”

On her 35th birthday, Rumer shared a photo of herself, captioning it as being “Ridiculously sunburnt and feeding my Lou.” She revealed that it was on her previous birthday that she discovered she was pregnant.

The experience of motherhood has brought her an unexpected sense of comfort and self-assuredness about her own body. As she enters her 35th year, embracing both her womanhood and motherhood, her primary goal is to find the strength and confidence to release anything that no longer benefits her or her beloved daughter.

In response to this post, one follower simply asked, “Why?” to which Rumer provided a brief yet straightforward response, saying, “Because I want to. 😘”

The image sparked a debate in the comments section of Rumer’s post, with some individuals arguing that such intimate moments should remain private. On the contrary, others celebrated the beauty and privilege of breastfeeding newborns, asserting that breastfeeding should be destigmatized, as it represents nature at its finest.

Rumer emphasized her belief in the importance of sharing breastfeeding photos, stating, “There is an incredible amount of shame that comes with being born into a female body, and I want to lead by example. Teaching my daughter that she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her body ever, and she decides how she wants to share it.”

As Bruce and Demi’s daughter navigates this unique journey, she wholeheartedly cherishes every moment, recognizing and deeply respecting all the women who have gone through this experience before her. She believes that acts like breastfeeding should be celebrated, rather than stigmatized.

Rumer Willis is renowned for her candid and open-hearted presence on social media. She has even shared images from her home birth, capturing the touching moment when her mother, Demi Moore, held her hand while she brought her daughter into the world, performing one of the most incredible miracles known to humankind.


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