New Mother Claps Back Following Viral Video of Her Public Breastfeeding

7 months ago

In a striking digital revelation, a viral video has taken social media by storm. Izabele Lomax casually perused her Facebook feed, and came across a video, capturing a private moment, discreetly filming her while she was nourishing her child through breastfeeding. Astonishingly, this intimate act has been shared far and wide with the clear intent of shaming her choice to breastfeed. It’s a digital saga that has the internet buzzing.

This mother from Maryland was entirely left shocked, finding out that a video of her breastfeeding her baby in public, meant to shame her, had gone viral.

Izabele Lomax didn’t think much of it when she fed her 9-week-old son, Baker, under a beach umbrella during a family outing a few weeks back. The next day, while scrolling through a mom group on Facebook, she came across a post condemning the act of shaming women who breastfeed in public.

Looking closer, Lomax realized that the post featured herself and Baker, although their faces were blurred by the person who had shared it within her group.

The post had gained significant attention online, and the caption read: “I’m not shaming women who breastfeed their babies. I’m shaming women who breastfeed in public without respect, not covering up and freely exposing their breasts, including nipples, for everyone to see!”

“I’m not shaming women who breastfeed their babies. I’m shaming the woman who breastfeeds in public with no respect to cover themselves up and just letting their boobs hang out (nipples included) for everyone to see! COVER UP !!!” the caption on the post read. “I shouldn’t have to cover my son’s eyes and explain why your boobs are out, and quite frankly, I don’t want to see it either. Have some respect!.”

However, Izabele didn’t hold back and directly responded to the post’s issue by sharing a video on TikTok. She explained that even though it shouldn’t really matter; she decided not to cover up her son on a hot day. Being secretly recorded and then publicly criticized for no valid reason felt like a huge violation. However, she managed the situation admirably by addressing it confidently, showing her strength and grace.

Right after the incident, Izabele posted a video on her TikTok account, where she told that this post has since been deleted and thanked all people who showed their support. And got even more support in comments. People also shared their personal stories:

  • “I always tell people to put a shirt over their head so they don’t have to see me lol or they can go to the bathroom to eat while she eats at the table.” — ccarpenito125 / TikTok
  • “My mom asked me to cover up at Disney water show, stroller was up at checkpoint. The lady in front of me encouraged me to feed my baby as I see fit!” — Emily Lauren / TikTok
  • “I nurse publicly and have for 8 months now and this is my worst nightmare. I can’t imagine how you felt. I’m so sorry.” — A / TikTok
  • “I personally cover up do to insecurities but I would absolutely never shame another momma for doing what’s comfortable to them.” — Under The Sea Pomskies / TikTok
  • “If people don’t want to see something don’t look! All I see is a mama providing and keeping her little healthy!” — Kimberly Shellnut / TikTok

Embracing breastfeeding without shame or secrecy is a powerful testament to nurturing, maternal love. There’s no need to conceal this natural act; it’s a celebration of life’s most fundamental bond. Many celebrity moms embrace motherhood and want to normalize breastfeeding in public.

Preview photo credit izlomax / TikTok


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