19 Lucky People Who Stumbled Upon Really Cool Surprises

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Surprises cause humans to freeze for about 1/25th of a second. And within that time frame, our brain tries to figure out what’s going on and what to do next. The people on this list were surprised to see something extraordinary in their surroundings, and lucky for us, we get to see their awesome finds too, because their next move was to take a picture of them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 19 photos of interesting sights and objects that some individuals stumbled upon.

1. “This plane at an airshow that looks like a dolphin”

2. “A flower vending machine in Denmark”

3. “A year’s worth of bacon grease”

4. “The way this snow curled off my chair”

5. A Police tricycle in Germany

6. “This cat that lives at the parking lot of my office has extra toes.”

7. “My grandma packed my grandpa an orange in his lunch. He forgot to eat it, and now it is 35 years old.”

8. “A 25-year-old Smartie”

9. “You can lock up your skateboard by this library.”

10. “Found a Narwhal in my bird bath this morning.”

11. “This person in my neighborhood grows veggies out of the trunk of their car.”

12. “This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow.”

13. “Coconuts as cones around fresh concrete”

14. “Got given a measuring tape without measurements.”

15. “My mom bought this ‘tiny ice cube’ tray.”

16. A giant Ponderosa lemon

17. “This pool I saw today that has been turned into a giant planter”

18. “These urinals let you look out to the street, and each one has a sink on top.”

19. “My cat has a second heart.”

Do you wish to have found any of the things shown above? Or maybe you have stumbled upon something you think the whole world would be interested in seeing.

Preview photo credit tangledknitter / Reddit


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