14 Pics That Have Mind-Boggling Abilities

2 years ago

A simple photo can turn into a puzzle with a click at the right time. Depending on the angle, lighting, and other factors, a concrete wall can be mistaken for a lake, and a dog can seemingly double in length. These accidental magic tricks leave us wondering if there’s actually a glitch in the matrix.

Now I’ve Seen Everything challenges you with a series of baffling photos.

1. The truck has no container.

2. “My beagle doubled in length overnight.”

3. “Today on my walk through Philly, I came across a camouflaged building.”

4. “Took a picture of my garden and accidentally turned the concrete wall into a lake.”

5. “It looked like this car was holding up a light post.”

6. “This is a photo of a car.”

7. “A Viking fur cloak or my dog sleeping on me? You decide.”

8. “A photo I was sent from a ski hill was my desktop background for a week before I realized it was upside down.”

9. “That’s a very strong panel of drawers.”

10. A 2-headed dog

11. “Just a cat watching the neighborhood...”

12. He’s actually standing on a frozen lake.

13. He’s just lying down behind the stairs.

14. “Just a guy wearing a hoodie”

Which pic confused you the most? Have you ever taken this type of photo? If you have, can you share it with us?

Preview photo credit ManuelHS / Reddit


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