18 Hilarious Design Fails

2 years ago

Even the brightest ideas don’t always turn out the way we want them to. With that, sometimes it can be hard to understand what the designer wanted to do in the first place; this is how we get doors to nowhere in the middle of a hallway, sprinklers right underneath a park bench, and mirrors that split your reflection into many pieces.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything present you with a collection of design ideas that probably wouldn’t go down in history as the best ones.

1. “These bathroom mirrors turn shaving into a game of Tetris.”

2. ’’I saw an interesting van coming home from school.’’

This is one of those design fails that could’ve been so easily avoided, and yet, we got that. Not that we’re complaining. If we saw this on the street it would for sure make our day.

3. ’’A new park opened in my city, pretty lovely except for this one detail.’’

4. ’’I can’t open either of these at my new workplace.’’

Not only is this a weird design, but it can also be extremely painful. Each and every one of us must’ve slammed their fingers on the door or even the door handle, and this failed design makes sure that it’ll happen every single time.

5. “Went into Walgreens and all the drinks are like this. You can then wave your hand to see pictures of what’s in each case, but only know what’s sold out once you open it.”

6. They couldn’t make up their minds on a window design.

7. ’’The placement of this baby’s head wasn’t quite thought through.’’

This could be one of the funniest design fails we’ve ever seen. We do sympathize with the baby, but in situations like this, what can you do but laugh.

8. “Scale is a social construct, and therefore can be ignored.”

9. “These 2022 glasses”

We live in the future now and these glasses are the best and only proof we need. Thank you, hilarious design fails, not only do you make us laugh, but you also can be used as a great conversation starter at a party!

10. ’’I have no idea how to turn this off.’’

11. ’’My university decided to put a mirrored wall in the men’s bathroom.’’

Now, is this a bad design or an encouraging one? Whether we can call it a fail or not, at least it keeps the space more open.

12. This lion isn’t exactly the picture of courage and strength.

This might be taking the crown of the hilarious design fails. How does this thing look like a lion and a bear all the same time?

13. ’’My room designer put a shelf next to my bookshelf and now I can’t access my books.’’

14. ’’My friend’s under-the-stairs ’bathroom’ where the toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall’’

15. ’’Measurement lines on an opaque bottle’’

16. ’’This weird door at the top of the stairs in a hotel’’

Not weird, mysterious! Imagine, you’re going up the stairs and suddenly there’s a door where there shouldn’t have been one, so mystical. But seriously, is this a failed design? Yes. Is this kinda funny? Also yes.

17. ’’An origami kit where the paper has already been folded to fit in the box’’

18. ’’Looks good on the package, not so much when worn.’’

Do you think the designer is the only one to blame when a product is non-functional? Do you prefer functionality or aesthetics when it comes to choosing objects?

Preview photo credit EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit


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