18 People Who Were Not Afraid to Share Their Happiness With the Entire World

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It’s unlikely that someone will doubt that it’s better to be happy than unhappy. And many of us make big efforts to gain true happiness. We read inspirational books, attend motivational courses, and schedule sessions with psychotherapists. But sometimes, all you need to feel happy is to look at the world from the right angle and at the right moment. And if you have a camera on hand, you’ll even be able to share this moment with the whole world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything enjoyed looking at photos that captured happy moments from the lives of ordinary people and now we think that happiness is actually much closer than it seems.

1. “My dad is super proud of his outdoor Christmas lights. So, naturally, he wanted a photo.”

2. “After 30 years of mortgage payments. I paid it off today. It’s all ours.”

3. “After years of struggling, I now show my art in 4 galleries in my city.”

4. “My dog, after losing her puppies and getting depressed, and not eating and moving from her bed for a long period of time, adopted a kitten.”

5. “Completely exhausted after driving me and my cats over 2,000 miles to escape my 3-year-long incredibly toxic relationship. I feel like I can breathe again.”

6. “I’m a dad who has had custody of my daughter since she was a baby. This was the first Halloween I missed because I had to work. She went trick-or-treating with her grandparents. They bought costumes and sent me this pic.”

7. “My husband and I were planning on adopting a purebred. We stopped by a shelter, saw this girl, and found out she was born in Puerto Rico, where we took our honeymoon.”

8. “Had a crush on a friend for about 2 years now. Last month she moved to my city, and we were both single. We made it official yesterday!”

9. “Not married, nor engaged, nor expecting a thing... just happy with this goofball.”

10. “After 4 years of infertility, I’m 28 weeks pregnant. My dog, Arthur, loves to put his ear right on my belly. I think he can hear the baby’s heartbeat.”

11. “My cat, who had been missing for almost a month, randomly showed up at our back door. I can’t begin to tell you how much happy crying I’m doing!!”

12. “I don’t like cake, I like pie. My absolutely amazing, very pregnant wife knows this. She came home last night after a very long day and spent all evening making me a birthday pie.”

13. “My boyfriend took this picture of me, and for the first time ever, I looked at the pic and wasn’t disgusted. I’m so happy to finally feel healthy, strong, and happy in my own skin!”

14. “During my wife’s C-section, an anesthesiologist offered to take pictures with my phone so I could focus on the birth. This gem was taken seconds after my kid was born.”

15. “My sister left her very demanding job to become a pastry chef in Paris. I’m so proud of her!”

16. Recovering well from kennel cough with his duckie

17. “My parents are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary!”

18. “First time I have used all the blocks. Pretty happy with this!”

The pics in our compilation are taken by ordinary people who’ve managed to capture happiness in a photo. Perhaps you also have a couple of shots that have a positive story hiding behind them? It’s okay if you have only a story and no photo! Tell us about what happened to you in the comment section on the site. Our editorial has an excellent imagination!

Preview photo credit GryffinCorg1110 / Reddit


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