16 Powerful Photo Comparisons Where the Difference is Visible From a Mile Away

2 years ago

When we take on big projects, we’re often scared by the thought that our efforts won’t bring the results we want and that we’ll only end up wasting our time and resources. This is especially true when it comes to things that require regular and consistent work: house repairs, losing weight, trying to wash something. Day-to-day changes can be hard to notice, and the results might not be what we were expecting.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything also feel like that sometimes. But there’s a trick. If you take a photo at the beginning of your journey and another one at the end, you’ll see the great job you’ve done — just like the people in this article.

“Before and after of my 8-year project”

“100 lbs down in 2 years! I’ve never been more proud of myself”

“Jo was adopted 3 months ago. I hardly recognize her in earlier pictures, and I can’t believe how fluffy she’s gotten.”

“Can’t believe I used to prefer my hair long + straight over short + curly!”

“Before and after results of cleaning + polishing an old purse of my mom’s from the 80s!”

“I don’t think our retaining wall had been touched since it was built in ’83”

“The progression of this cocoon hanging off the side of our house is awesome. Photos taken 8 days apart”

5 months later

“In 2006, my boyfriend asked me for an epic painting for his birthday.”

“10 years later, I decided it was time to finally do what I really wanted. I quit my old job and started to learn how to paint. I haven’t stopped since then! And I painted him updated versions over the years.”

Garage gym has changed over 1 year.

“This is the first time I’ve done something like this.”

Before and after the first haircut

“My 52-year-old buddy, who has a bad hip, did all this landscaping himself with no prior experience.”

“6 years ago today, I had surgery to straighten up my spine; this is the before/after result. I gained 5 cm with the process.”

Before and after being told she was a good girl

“Satisfying before and after I did at work a few weeks ago. I enjoy cable management.”

Which of these before and after photos give you a boost of motivation to change something?

Preview photo credit hmayo6** / Reddit


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