18 Photos Showing How Animals Know How to Imitate Us Better Than We Thought

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Dogs are creatures that are known to imitate humans and other dogs. But they only imitate behaviors that can actually be usueful to them. The same thing can happen with cats, who never stop seeing and learning from us. However, with cats things are a bit different, since they need special training in order to learn how to take orders from humans.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that our pets watch us very closely and they often pick up our actions and movements simply because they love us.

1. “Going for a swim.”

2. Being such a drama queen

3. “Tooth brushing time”

4. Being a strict supervisor — big kitty is watching you!

5. Being obsessed with music

6. Embracing new technology

7. “This feeling.”

8. This puppy had their first birthday!

9. There are 3 things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working.

10. Dreaming big

11. 2 a.m. and just a little bit hungry...

12. “2 minutes after I forgot to feed my cats.”

13. Feeling like a kid getting a present

14. “A need fur speed — have a coin?”

15. “Graduated puppy class, so proud!”

16. “It’s time to do some laundry.”

17. Going to the gym

18. “She always goes like this when I take out the nail clipper.”

Have you noticed your pet mimicking any of your maneurisms and habits? If so, what do they do that they’ve copied from you?


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