18 Photos That Will Make You Wonder Whether You Need to Visit the Eye Doctor

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Martha Stewart once said that “If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.” The internet and our lives hold so many new and exciting revelations every single day. Either it’s a new skill or some unknown info, we get the chance to enrich our brains. And sometimes we see things that bring so many different emotions, such as confusion and frustration.

Now I’ve Seen Everything keeps our eyes open to every little thing we see around us and on the internet and we’ve now gathered 18 sightings we’re sure you’ll love.

1. “The snacklebox, perfect for a day trip.”

2. “I came by my storage unit to pick up some stuff just to find that someone cut my lock off and placed their own.”

3. “I’m not even sure how I feel about this.”

4. Magic does exist.

5. More ways of eating sandwiches.

6. Did I do it right?

7. “Upgraded my mouse again.”

8. “Every waste can in this entire major city’s hospital is a lie.”

9. “I found this in my bag of Cheetos and I have no clue what it is.”

10. Creativity has no limits.

11. “I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest.”

12. “Flat house, for models only”

13. “On my husband’s lap the whole flight.”

14. “How my mail carrier left my vinyl record. What makes it worse, we have a box beside the front porch for deliveries, which they have used many times.”

15. “The 8 is not smooth.”

16. “Just why? How hard is it?”

18. “Fade into the floor.”

How often do you see things that you can’t explain or find a reasonable explanation for their existence? Do you share the pictures of them with your friends or do you ignore them?


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