17 People Who Saw Beauty in Ordinary Things and Captured It on Camera

2 years ago

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And while some people might not even pay attention to an unusually shaped carrot or a piece of butter that looks like a sad owl, others grab their cameras to share their unique findings with the whole world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe life gives us unique gifts every day, we just need to be more attentive to notice them. All of the pictures in this article were taken by people with an unusual sense of beauty, who managed to find true gems in seemingly ordinary objects.

1. “A friend got some new glasses...with heels.”

2. “A rainbow in a piece of Selenite”

3. “Sliced this tomato for my sandwich and found the insides a bit peculiar.”

4. This papaya that looks like a dove

5. “My butter looks like an owl face.”

6. “This unique carrot”

7. “Piece of hail I found in my backyard after a tornado came through our town when I was in high school”

8. “Grandpa’s calculator from the ’40s.”

9. “The garlic in my homemade dilly beans turned blue.”

10. “A napkin from a military pack”

11. “Found a 105-year-old newspaper from New York.”

12. “113-year-old penny I found in the till at work today”

13. “A bottle of 1970s aftershave, found buried in my backyard”

14. “A wasp nest in a lamppost”

15. These colorful mushrooms someone found

16. “My toast this morning was penguin-shaped.”

17. “My mom sent me this picture of a beast acorn! Fork for scale.”

What have you found when digging in your backyard or cleaning out a basement? What vintage surprises do you own that you can share with us in the comments?


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