15 People Who Will Never Trust an Advertisement Again

2 years ago

There are quite a few ways an advertiser can deceive you when promoting a product. Using fabricated or enhanced images seems to be a very popular one that people tend to share online. And that’s because an impressive image can boost your appetite and your willingness to buy something.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants you to be aware that companies often use marketing tricks to make a product look more appealing than it really is.

1. “Thanks for my custard thing.”

2. Must’ve felt like a slap in the face.

3. It’s all about perspective, anyway.

4. A wannabe chocolate marble cake

5. ’’For Christmas, my buddy ordered his sister a Baby Yoda. This arrived a month and a half late.’’

6. It’s just the result of artistic freedom.

7. “After my cat passed away, I splurged on a Cuddle Clone stuffed animal for my daughter after seeing their rave reviews.”

8. Well, at least the colors are similar.

9. Snowmen tend to melt, that’s just the way it is.

10. ’’That’s just unfortunate.’’

11. “I thought I was getting beef jerky.”

12. Maybe it magically transforms after 5 minutes in the oven.

13. “I have low standards for boxed macarons, but c’mon.”

14. Always take a close look at the size chart.

15. There’s visibly less cream in the cookie.

Have you ever been deceived by an ad and, when you actually bought the product, you realized it was all lies?

Preview photo credit Colteesbiggiet*** / reddit


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