18 Pieces of Art You Won’t Believe Are Edible

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While baking and stacking a cake isn’t super expensive, since you only need a few basic ingredients, the decoration is another story. With people asking for imaginative themed cakes, bakers have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen to finish the product. If you also add up all the extra ingredients, it’s no surprise that they have to charge a lot more. Luckily, some people are talented enough to make their own cakes and save up some money.

1. “My friend’s ramen cake.”

2. “My sister made a happy-one-year-since-brain-surgery cake.”

3. “Dish sponge cake.”

4. “I made a baby Yoda cake.”

5. An impressive octopus cake.

6. “Dinosaur cake.”

7. “Lego wedding cake.”

8. “Made a cake of my dad.”

9. “My dad recently finished renovating a restaurant. They had this cake at the re-opening.”

10. “My nephew likes beans so much that my sister had a bean birthday cake made for him.”

11. “Made cute salmon nigiri macarons! The filling is salted caramel! The ’soy’ sauce in the picture is also caramel.”

12. “My kid’s birthday cake for his Halloween-themed party.”

13. “You may not believe that a 40-year-old Irishman with big clumsy fingers made this doll cake, but it’s true!”

14. “Homemade birthday cake for my love.”

15. “Today is my 40th birthday, and my wife made this CAKE for me! I’m blown away!”

16. “My dad has been Godzilla’s biggest fan since day one. This is the b-day cake I made him this year.”

17. “This is a cake we made for a groom. The pieces are chocolate. Everything is edible.”

18. “Alicorn birthday cake.”

Do you prefer ordinary buttercream cakes or extravagant themed cakes that are guaranteed to make you feel sorry for cutting them?

Preview photo credit KatherineDey / Imgur


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