18 Times Exes Revealed Inferior Side Partner Never Knew Before

2 months ago

Breaking up is never easy, whether it’s with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone you were married to. It can be really tough. But sometimes, your ex does things that make you go “wow” in a not-so-good way. It’s like they do stuff that gives you the creeps or makes your hair stand on end.

  • She dumped me, got together with my best friend less than a month later, turned most of my friends against me by spreading fake rumors, and then egged my house. Two tears after she dumped me. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My ex proposed to me publicly, at a bar, in front of all of our friends. He liked the way it went so much that he proposed to me 2 more times at 2 different places. In our hometown. In front of everyone we know. I said yes. 3 times. So, we set a date and I planned the whole wedding. Bought the dress, set up the hall, and chose the catering. Flowers. Everything. The only jobs he had were to buy/rent tuxedos for himself and his groomsmen and to find someone to marry us on the date we had chosen. It was getting close to our date, and he hadn’t done any of the things that he agreed to do. I finally confronted him about it, about a month before this whole event that I had planned, at which time he told me that he was not going to marry me and that he didn’t think that I was going to take his proposal(s) so seriously and plan a wedding. 3 times! I am happily married to someone else now. © aubrey_25_99 / Reddit
  • After breaking up, my ex stalked me and my new boyfriend. It was sick. He would come to my work and bring me lunch. HE NEVER DID THAT WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER! He called when I wasn’t at home and left me messages with love songs. It was so annoying! I had to go through all these messages just to get to the ones that other people left for me. It was only after I said some really bad things to him, that he realized what he had been doing the whole time. Then we became friends. © Unknown user / Quora
  • He walked miles in the snow to my house and tapped on my bedroom window for an hour until I acknowledged him. I turned him away. In the morning, I heard rustling in my closet upon waking up. He snuck into my house somehow and was hiding in my closet. I threatened to call the cops, so he left. Weeks later, he emailed me pictures of me sleeping from that night. I still have nightmares about finding him in a closet. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • My ex-husband wanted to get me back and said, “I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss you. You understand me better. I call her by your name all the time. We were so good together.” This happened one month before the divorce was final and after he left me to move in with his pregnant girlfriend. I just started laughing at him. I couldn’t stop. He got mad and left (again). © Poison-DoNotLick / Reddit
  • A friend of mine found a gif of the “I’m typing” dots that you can send to someone in a text. It just goes on and on forever. He sends it to his ex when she gets blabby. So far, she hasn’t caught on. © sweetmarrow / Reddit
  • My phone rings: “Hey just wanted to let you know that I’m getting married this afternoon, and I’m pregnant so now is your last chance...” 2 years later my phone rings, “Hey, I’m pregnant again and getting married again... this is your real last chance...© KylerTopFlight / Reddit
  • My ex got into my house while I was out of town, took every music CD I owned, individually smashed them, put the pieces back in the cases, and returned them. © Yojji Peterson / Quora
  • My first relationship was with this guy I met on an app, went out with about three times. He’d talk about how much prettier I’d look without makeup, how my sleeves were too short, and my shirt too tight. Before I knew what was happening, he professed his undying eternal love for me and cried when I broke up with him, the first time. For the consequent two months, he’d show up at my work and wait for me in the parking lot to beg me to take him back. I started dreading going to my car. Myself being the weak people-pleaser that I am, I agreed to go out with him a couple more times but soon realized I couldn’t stand him and broke up with him again. Ended up making him cry again on my birthday. He messaged me on various social media platforms on at least three different occasions over the next year, but has thankfully disappeared since then. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My brother’s ex has been stealing our Netflix for the past 2 months now by disguising her account as “settings” and honestly I ain’t even mad. I’m just really disappointed in myself for actually believing that an account named “settings” would legitimately be Netflix settings. © imissavdol / Twitter
  • There is an old mansion in my city where the husband got really creative. While the wife was touring around Europe on an extended vacation, the courts awarded her half his property in their divorce. He had the front half of the house cut off, moved 8 miles, and added to his new home. © Jer_Cough / Reddit
  • My ex started messaging all the new guys he thought I would maybe go out with, asking them not to invite me out ’cause he felt he still had a chance with me. This happened not once or twice, this happened with around 10 guys. He didn’t even know them in person. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEM. © buenaonda1 / Reddit
  • Without going into intimate details, arguably the worst thing my ex-fiancee did immediately after breaking off our engagement and breaking up with me was first telling me that she never really was in love with me, and then saying that her four-year-old son was fathered by someone else. She had the courtesy to drop that final bombshell on me after she knew I had no way to stop garnishment of child support since I had actually acknowledged he was my son and my state required any challenge to paternity to be done within thirty days of issuing a child support order. I then spent another 15 years of my life paying $800 a month in support for a child that not only wasn’t mine, but I wasn’t allowed to visit or bond with. © John Copeland / Quora
  • Today I’m going on vacation for a week with my ex-girlfriend because we couldn’t find anyone willing to buy it off us when we broke up... How’s your Sunday? © SeanYoung97 / Twitter
  • My ex left a dead rose in my mailbox after calling my house about 100 times. Called later and asked if I liked my “present” and told me that’s how he feels without me, dead and withered. Somehow, I was not moved to take him back. © Troll_Flogger / Reddit
  • She took me to see a college play and then broke up with me because I was looking at the actress on stage. © miniature_light / Reddit
  • She cut out my head from yearbooks and put them on corkboards on her headboard. I found out because one of her friends told me she did, and so I wanted to see for myself. She was working during the day, and I was close with her brother, who let me in when I said I needed to grab something from her BR. I walked in and, sure enough, my head on a bunch of muscular bodies that weren’t mine. I broke up with her the next day after seeing her shrine. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • My husband’s ex (just a girlfriend from high school) set up an appointment for a portrait session, to have pictures done of our 3 children for her house. No, we did not let that fruitcake take our children. They broke up their senior year of high school, and this is when we were in our 30s. Shocked at being contacted by her, never mind the appointment, we found out she also had her phone number listed (we used phone books then) as Mrs. Our Surname all these years, which was never her name. She was still stuck in her high school fantasy, which was frightening. © FenceGirl / Reddit
  • You want crazy? How about breaking up with me, taking my daughter to my mom’s “Because we are splitting up”, reconciling, picking my daughter back up, and being at home like nothing happened, because I had been at work the whole time and knew nothing about it! © Daniel Gooch / Quora

Exes can behave strange or say things that just make the whole situation even harder to deal with. Even though breaking up is hard enough, dealing with weird or uncomfortable acts from the ex can make it even more challenging.

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