16 People Whose Age Is So Confusing, Even the Brightest Minds Can’t Guess It

2 years ago

Most women want to look much younger than their real age and spend lots of money on expensive anti-aging creams. The people featured in this article definitely don’t look their age, and you can easily confuse a teenager with a middle-aged woman.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered pictures of people whose real ages will definitely make you scratch your head.

1. “My friend is sometimes 4, sometimes 44.”

2. “My husband thought I was about 9 or 10 in this photo... I was almost 18.”

3. “13-year-old girl or 30-year-old man?”

4. “My dad looked like a pre-midlife crisis businessman...when he was 17.”

5. “A matronly 40-year-old Korean librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year-old boy.”

6. “My 22-year-old sister looks like she’s 12.”

7. “That’s 12-year-old me in my family photo, on the far left. I look like a 35-year-old secretary who makes the best Christmas cookies at work.”

8. “Me at 13, looking like a 30-year-old single mom...”

9. “Just turned 38. No one ever believes me.”

10. “It’s me, I’m 18.”

11. “Me at 11, rocking the granny sweater”

12. “That girl is not 13. That girl is actually me with my youngest son. I’m 31.”

13. “My close friend sent me a picture of himself at the age of 10, and I thought it may have been his mother.”

14. “8 or 28?”

15. “Me at 14, looking 40”

16. “Me at 33 looking like a 16-year-old who just got their driver’s license”

Did you look your age when you were little? Share your baby photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit thenotoriusfap / Reddit


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