19 Kids That Keep Laughing at Our Boundaries

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Children are so unpredictable that they’re usually the source of good stories. Their innocence creates situations that could make anyone laugh. While they grow and learn social norms, they gift us with multiple crazy anecdotes, and some Internet users have decided to share them on the web.

  • When my third nephew was born, his brother and sister went to the hospital to meet him. While looking at him and kissing him softly, the little girl says to her older brother, “But we shouldn’t throw him out the window, John.”
  • My 3 -year-old girl was eating chocolate, and my dad, who was already old, asked her to share some with him. She quickly replied, “No, because you’ll get caries.” © Rosy S. Paz / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son and I were on public transport. He sat next to the door, which was open, and I asked him to change seats with me. I told him that if he fell off the bus, he could get run over by a car. He replied, “But who will feed me if you die?” © Rosy S. Paz / Facebook
  • My sister told my 5-year-old nephew she had a little sister for him in her belly. He asked her if she had swallowed the baby. After explaining the situation, he asked, “Does she come disassembled like Kinder eggs?” © Luzma Garcia Alvarez / Facebook
  • For the holidays, I dyed my hair with blonde highlights, and my husband and I went to greet his family. His younger sister’s daughter was about 5 or 6 years old. When we arrived, she wasn’t there yet. We said hi; I sat at one end of the room, and my husband sat near the entrance. When my little niece arrived, she looked at me and whispered in my husband’s ear, “What happened to the brunette you brought before?” My husband laughed and told her he had changed me for a blonde, and we laughed a lot. © Carmen Vargas / Facebook
  • My nephew brought his girlfriend home for the first time and introduced her to his 4-year-old sister. She looked at them, inspected them, thought for a bit, and then, looking into her eyes, she said, “Are you sure? He doesn’t have a job!” The girlfriend raised her hand to her mouth in surprise and burst out laughing, just like my nephew and me. Also, his sister was right. © Hanna Delat / Facebook
  • When her uncle arrived, my 4-year-old granddaughter shouted, “The uncle who clogs the bathroom is here!” © Martin Ramon Lopez Gonzalez / Facebook
  • My little nephew was about 6 when he started telling me about his teacher. He told me, “Auntie, she has a butt as big as your belly.” I had to laugh. © Marta Cruz / Facebook
  • When my son was 3 years old, we went to Costco. At the checkout line, I went ahead to put the groceries in the cart, and he stayed behind with his dad. Suddenly, he yelled, “Mom, who farted? Because it smells awful.” © Claudia María Catalá Arrieta / Facebook
  • When my daughter was 5, she asked me, “Mom, is that man pregnant?” Her wife, who was talking to me, couldn’t stop laughing. © Marta Espinosa Guerrero / Facebook
  • My daughter, Victoria, when she was 6:
    Victoria: Mommy, isn’t it true that Zara (her sister) is leaving preschool and going to school?
    Me: Yes, love, next year.
    Victoria: So sad for her, right? She’s already becoming an adult!
    (She says that being an adult is not so nice because you have to do many things, go out to work and all that...including the fact that she could no longer have a snack in peace). 🤣🤣🤣
    © Gisele Cortés / Facebook
  • When my children were younger and I argued with the older one, the 6-year-old would say, “Say yes to everything, and she’ll shut up.” It was her technique for not arguing with me, even though she did what she wanted; too bad she stopped doing it when she grew up. © Emma Kelly / Facebook
  • My job is to make coffins. My kids love to brag about it, but most children are scared of it. My 7-year-old son was having a disagreement with another child and told him in a threatening tone, “My mom buries people, and no one notices; it’s easier with kids,” he said. That scared even me; other moms looked at me strangely and moved away from me. Now it makes me laugh, but he earned respect for sure. © Polette Martinez / Facebook
  • My daughter takes out my panty liners and uses them as diapers for her baby dolls. © Maria Eugenia Muñoz Alfaro / Facebook
Preview photo credit Polette Martinez / Facebook


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