18 Mysterious Objects That Are Too Difficult to Google, But Not for Some Know-It-All Internet Users

7 months ago

Gaining knowledge can be a challenging journey, and there are often discoveries that leave us guessing. Fortunately, the vast expanse of the internet offers a wealth of resources and experts to assist us in unraveling these enigmas. Let’s explore some intriguing discoveries that will undoubtedly astonish you when their genuine purposes are revealed.

“Weird gadget in epoxy with suction cup hidden in tiny fake book. My boyfriend doesn’t remember where it came from. Does anybody recognize this?”

Answer: It’s for photography. You might want to light a subject with multiple flash photography lights, and this is one way to synchronize them.

“What is this extra loop on the back of these Levi’s? Is it a defect or does it have a purpose?”

Answer: It’s to hold a bike lock. That’s their commuter series of jeans.

“What is this weird thing my girlfriend bought at a good will?”

Answer: Its for swimming.

“I found this odd set of disposable cutlery in my new flat.”

Answer: They’re clay modeling instruments or cake-decorating tools.

“What is this thing? A metallic tool that looks fairly new. I’d like to know what it is used for.”

Answer: It’s a holder for a sugar cone.

“Metal object, carabiner attached, appeared in my backyard, left behind by either landscapers or pool guy.”

Answer: It’s for opening your pool pump lid. I actually have used it, used to sell pool supplies.

“Thumb protector, possibly, but for what? Found at a yard sale.”

Answer: It’s an antique butcher thumb guard.

“I found this in a parking lot where the taxis usually park outside of a train station. The small round circle on top is a magnet.”

Answer: This is a ball mark fixer for golfing. The 2 prongs go into the ground to lift the green where your golf ball made its initial crater. The magnetic coin (yours is missing) is, so you can mark your golf ball on the green, so others can putt without your ball in the way.

“Found on the dashboard of an old GMC. A Lucite-like material, with ridges.”

Answer: It’s a traffic light viewer. Traffic lights back in the day were mounted on the same side you stopped on, which sometimes made it difficult to see the light if you were first in line. This helped reflect the light from above, so you could tell when the light changed.

“My friend has found a bunch of these weird little plastic things while cleaning up the beaches in Maine. We have no clue what they are.”

Answer: These are aquarium filters.

“What are these metal curved ornamental rods?”

Answer: Fancy bookmarks.

“The text suggests that it might be a bag, but I can’t seem to make it work as a bag as there are a lot of holes which might cause everything to drop.”

Answer: It’s a suitcase cover.

“What is this silver metal thing with a narrow bridge and spoon-like end?”

Answer: Ear cleaners, use them to scoop wax. They are more common in eastern countries.

“This is a steel wire frame with 2 glass marbles. It was found in an old garage among various stuff. The marbles can turn inside the frame.”

Answer: It’s a razor blade sharpener.

“Little door/cupboard next to our side door leading down to the basement. The house was built in the late 1940s.”

Answer: When milk used to get delivered, it was put in there.

’’It’s hard and plastic. What is it?!’’

Answer: Well, it used to be a drinking cup or insert that got melted in a dishwasher.

“What is this attachment on the shower wall in our apartment? Looks too wide to hold soap I think.”

Answer: Soap dish/sponge holder.

“My boyfriend found this in his room and demand me what is it. I don’t know that. It looks like a label from a women’s cosmetic or anything like that. Dan you please help me?”

Answer: It’s a woman’s hygienic article wrapping.

A lot of people like to delve into the realm of mysterious discoveries and explore a myriad of intriguing objects. And this is absolutely understandable, because puzzles and riddles in all their forms can help our brain work faster and become sharper.

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