19 Pictures That Manage to Completely Confuse the Human Mind

year ago

We know that certain images manage to completely confuse the human mind. The angles from which they were taken, or sometimes a coincidence, make the people, animals, objects, or landscapes in them look totally different. We can only wonder about what was happening there when we see such pics.

1. “My child was startled by a giraffe, not a hot air balloon.”

2. “Doggie and sloth feet.”

3. “Those are not grass pants.”

4. “Was told to post this dried coffee puddle from last night here. Looks like a fantasy map. Also looks like it’s lumpy or has elevation but it’s completely flat and smooth.”

5. “The town hall getting a lift.”

6. “Is it a squirrel or a cutting board?”

7. “Just a facade”

8. “Glass truck.”

9. “This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.”

10. “I was laughing at this for a very long time.”

11. “It’s not her legs.”

12. “My left hand is built different.”

13. “Roll of toilet paper on the desk.”

14. “This micro-fleece blanket”

  • A Shar pei. It is a breed of dog. You can see the nose on the left of the picture. druss5000 / Reddit

15. “Is it a dog or a toy?”

16. “Floating Balconies”

17. “Weird headless creature, or a dog enjoying the start of spring?”

18. “A child hugging his decapitated mother.”

19. What do you see here?

Have you ever taken a photo capable of outwitting the human mind? We would love to see it.


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