16 People Who Don’t Want to Play by the Rules

2 years ago

While most people are used to doing things the same way, some creative individuals like to go against the system just for fun. Whether it’s slicing a watermelon in the most unusual way or designing a coffee mug with a handle inside, they prove you don’t need to play by someone else’s rules and can make your own.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything had a good laugh as we scrolled through these 16 funny pictures.

1. “Whose idea was it to put an elastic band around this?”

2. “My wife: ’I’d like some watermelon, but I can’t be bothered to slice the whole thing.’”

3. “There’s gotta be some treasure in there.”

4. A manual on how to create fewer parking spaces

5. “Got my token of gratitude as a healthcare worker at work today, notice anything?”

6. “Excuse me, mug, you are confused.”

7. “One of my forks came uncut.”

8. “This balcony has a balcony on it.”

9. Fortunately, there’s a sign as well.

10. “Who went through with this?”

11. “I selected image #315 from a book of decorations to be applied to the cake. This was the outcome.”

12. “Soap was never an option.”

13. “Ah, yes, it’s finally avocado season.”

14. “Can you make a cake like this image?”
“Sure thing.”

15. “I think something happened to Luigi.”

16. Imagine if everyone was following these arrows exactly.

What is the most preposterous thing you’ve ever seen someone do or have done yourself? We would love to see any photos if you’ve got them.

Preview photo credit GNMCS / Reddit, HuntrElite / Reddit


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