20+ Animals Who Adore People So Much They’d Shout, “I Love You” if They Could

2 years ago

Experts say that the human and dog brain function very similarly when it comes to showing love and affection. For example, when a human and a dog are looking at each other, their levels of oxytocin increase equally. But almost all animals can feel love and show it to humans. Horses, cats, and even rodents will express their love for us when we are around them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks animals are equal members of our families, and every day they keep proving that they love us as much as we love them.

1. “What does he want? He refuses to move his paws away from my arm.”

2. “Just rescued my baby girl from being put down a month ago!”

3. “This is my blind stepdad’s guide dog, Axel. This was him on the train hugging my stepdad’s foot.”

4. “I think my cat is in love with me.”

5. “She sleeps sweetly and feels the beat of my heart.”

6. “I’m starting to wonder if my dog thinks my baby is actually her baby.”

7. “These best friends are my babies.”

8. “I sing to her in the morning before I leave for work.”

9. “My clingy cat either turned me into a surrealist character or Sloth from the Goonies.”

10. “I was chosen by a stray kitten.”

11. “Meet Ellie, she’s currently in a state of bliss.”

12. “Princess Coca Smugglesworth snuggling with Daddy.”

13. “He fell asleep on my head during a long meeting.”

14. “This is what happens every time I go to the bathroom.”

15. “A mama’s boy for sure”

16. “My dad’s good boy asking for more loving”

17. “Lewis fell asleep on the lap of a volunteer at The Gentle Barn Sanctuary.”

18. “Meet my best bud, Indy!”

19. “This kangaroo loves her snuggles!”

20. “I was playing some games on my PC when he jumped on me and slid into my hoodie before taking a nap.”

21. “My dog’s most favorite person in the world is my grandma.”

22. “My baby girl”

Which of these photos gave you an uncontrollable urge to boop them? How much do you think animals admire us, humans?

Preview photo credit jorvis52 / Reddit


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