20 Animals That Could Play Villains in Any Disney Movie

2 years ago

Some animals are true rebels without a cause. They will test our patience to the limit because they know we can’t help but love them. From a lizard that steals a burger to a dog that purposely boops its cat friend on the nose, the world is more exciting thanks to these troublemakers.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with a list of animals that will make it onto the naughty list in December.

1. “He first intimidated us and then stole my dad’s burger.”

2. “My cat deeply asleep with the last piece of a puzzle we’ve been trying to find for 10 minutes!”

3. “Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and ’fixes’ them.”

4. “Crumb Bum sometimes walks on his injured paw, but mostly he uses it to boop Jabroni.”

5. The sign is essential!

6. " Our dog refuses to give up the front seat."

7. “Margaret killed her Christmas toy.”

8. “My cat stole my husband and he actually doesn’t mind it.”

9. “My husband screamed in the shower. I came in to see this.”

10. “Messi decided to photobomb my friend’s bridal pics!”

11. Guess who’s the boss in this house.

12. “Leggo my Eggo.”

13. “How my cat asks for attention”

14. “This adorable little thing eating my sandwich while standing on the piece of bread I gave him.”

15. That’s what being step-brothers means after all.

16. “This is the second plant my sweet son Toby has killed.”

17. “Most efficient way to spread white hair over all your black clothes.”

18. “Murray didn’t want anyone else to have a turn in the box.”

19. “My wife just wanted to do her jigsaw puzzle without being bitten.”

20. “Here’s how he lets me know he needs attention while I weave.”

Do you have a furry villain at home? We’d be happy to see your comments and pics in the section below.

Preview photo credit KindohneEigenschaftn / Reddit


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