20+ Cleaning Aces That Made Something Magical with Really Dirty Stuff

year ago

Cleaning the house and different stuff can sometimes feel like a tedious and never-ending task. But amidst the mundane chores and scrubbing, there’s a glimmer of excitement — a chance to stumble upon something great. It’s like embarking on a treasure hunt within the comfort of your own home.

“First time using a drill brush and never looking back.”

“Between having bad knees and a tight-textured plastic tub, cleaning this thing was a nightmare until now.”

“Finally mustered up enough willpower to tackle my disgusting master bathroom.”

“I cleaned and organized the kitchen at my mother-in-law’s house! It looks so much better! In total, it took about 30 hours from start to finish.”

“It’s amazing what toothpaste and an old toothbrush can do for your shoes!”

“I’ve worn these earrings for years and never cleaned them before. Here’s the before and after.”

“I found it in my recycling bin. It’s a shared bin with my neighbors who must’ve not seen its potential! I picked it up and cleaned it.”

“Initially, I used some white vinegar to get the rust off, then lots of scrubbing with steel wool. Then I did 2 coats of seasoning in the oven!”

“This is my grandmother’s lace nightgown from the 1920s. It was so dirty, I was disgusted to touch it. But I washed it clean, and now it’s so beautiful!”

“Here’s what I did with my very first pressure washer!”

“The hob hasn’t been cleaned for 2 years. It took me 2 hours and a lot of scrubbing to remove the dried-on layers.”

“We had professional carpet cleaning done in the cafe where I work.”

“I received this secondhand kettle, cleaned it up, and descaled it with vinegar. Good as new!”

“Someone threw away this kid’s playhouse, and we picked it up and cleaned it.”

“These shoes are more than 10 years old. Recently, I got caught in the rain with them. My girlfriend said we couldn’t save them and just had to throw them away. But I was sure I could handle the challenge.”

“I restored this lodge star mold.”

“This is what happens to an old bench when you clean it with a pressure washer.”

“I cleaned this Wagner 1891 frying pan.”

“My favorite pillows had those annoying fluff bits on them. I went over them with this simple tool — a cheap razor. And loved the outcome!”

“I bought this Le Creuset tea kettle for $3.70 and cleaned it up with a little baking soda.”

“The back patio of our new house — it hasn’t been cleaned in around 40 years.”

“This pot endured years of abuse before I learned of this miracle cleaner.”

“I’m a little speechless. I genuinely thought our patios and paths were made with brown slabs.”

“I spent 7 glorious hours today shampooing my carpets.”

“My sister gave me this funny cast iron baking pan. I cleaned it up and baked with it. My kids devoured the biscuits in minutes.”

“Can you spot my secret?”

“My grandpa hadn’t cleaned his keyboard in 20 years.”

“Dollar store magic eraser and some elbow grease.”

“I used a magic eraser dipped in hot water mixed with a little dawn dish soap, squeezed out all the liquid and then squeezed it into a rag (like I wrapped the eraser in the rag and squeezed because I was worried the foam/soap would get on the fabric part of the shoe and ruin it) and scrubbed the shoes really hard. So happy with how they came out!”

Cleaning the house becomes a thrilling adventure, an opportunity to rediscover the forgotten treasures that have been lying dormant. It’s amazing how the act of tidying up can lead to almost magical cleaning transformations and reveal these unexpected delights. And time goes by some people become real cleaning gurus who can make anything shine like a new penny.

Preview photo credit Koen_Fox / Reddit


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