17 Magical Cleaning Transformations That Will Soothe Your Brain

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Cleaning is a process that most people enjoy because they can see how their effort created a big change. The before and after of a space or item can make us feel uplifted and calm inside. And let’s not forget that the way your personal space is reflects on how good care you take of your self too. So, maybe it’s a way to let everyone know that you are a neat and organized person.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves a good transformation and these cleaning projects will definitely appeal to your inner soul.

1. “Pond before and after photos.”

2. “Some weekend fun”

3. “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this.”

4. “Didn’t even know it was white when we bought the house.”

5. Nothing that a bit of water can’t fix.

6. “Washed, resurfaced, and stained.”

7. Is it the same corridor?

8. “Tin roof cleaning”

9. “Mission accomplished.”

10. “Brick before and after power washing”

11. “Bought a Bosch 120 Aquatek on sale, first time power washing.”

12. “It’s that time of year again.”

13. “Quite happy with how this deck cleaned up!”

14. “A lanyard I’ve had since 2014, never washed — it was more gross than the camera could capture.”

15. “The back fence of our new house needed a little wash.”

16. “6-year-old boots before and after cleaning”

17. A clean and shiny yard.

Do you have any surface or item that looks very dirty and could use a deep cleaning like these shown above?

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