20 Coincidences That Will Likely Happen Only Once in a Blue Moon

2 years ago

Witnessing once-in-a-lifetime coincidences is like getting a front-row seat to a special show thrown by the Universe. From discovering glitches inside random bottles or eggs, to accidentally finding the live versions of still images, to encountering not just one but 2 doppelgängers — it’s always a treat to see highly improbable events happen in real life.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found examples of these rare incidents, which were fortunately caught on camera when they occurred.

1. ’’These 3 random men in my photo look like the same person.’’

2. ’’I was taking a Snapchat and managed to snap a picture of a bird milliseconds before it hit my side mirror.’’

3. “My Uber driver and me”

4. “Thought I was out of Tums.”

5. ’’My dog, Flirt (left), found her doppelgänger!’’

6. ’’My girlfriend found this rock that looks like a moustache.’’

7. ’’My husband Ken found a mini-plastic version of himself at HomeGoods.’’

8. ’’I knocked over my water bottle and it fell upside down, still a third filled with water.’’

9. “This tiny bubble landed on a cactus and didn’t pop.”

10. ’’When you stumble upon your classmate’s side modeling gig.’’

11. ’’This grape that I found entangled in a vine.’’

12. ’’Accidentally filled my cup perfectly to the brim so it looks empty.’’

13. ’’I broke this stick of polystyrene in a random place and found a single grey pellet inside.’’

14. I found a bowl made by the woodturner who inspired me as a kid. Then I checked the book where I saw his work 31 years ago. This was that same bowl.

15. ’’My doctor said: You look like that guy on the wall over there!"

16. “One of our chickens just laid a jumbo egg with another egg inside.”

17. ’’I got a waferless Kit Kat bar.’’

18. ’’I randomly found my car’s twin.’’

19. ’’Randomly found an old building that matches a painting I have.’’

20. “Today when it was 77°F, I was passing mile marker 77 on I-77 going 77 mph with 77 miles to go in my tank.”

Which one of these coincidences surprised you the most? Do you have a story of a bewildering twist of fate that happened to you too?

Preview photo credit thrashbandit/Reddit


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