15 Talented People Who Are Only Limited by Their Imagination

2 years ago

For some people being creative is second nature. They’re able to look at something ordinary and know exactly what could be done to elevate it to a masterpiece. Whether it’s creating unique strawberry-themed hair or illustrating dark clothes with mind-blowing bleach paintings, the sky’s the limit for these artistic minds.

Now I’ve Seen Everything appreciates great craft and has gathered some wonderful pieces for everyone to enjoy.

1. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”

2. “I drew this Alice in Wonderland 3-D chalk art at a convention. It’s about 20 feet long.”

3. “I got to paint strawberries on a head.”

4. “Put my favorite painting on my face.”

5. “This drawing took me about 16 days and 7 ballpoint pens.”

6. “I paint with bleach.”

7. “Wanted to share my super talented 11-year-old brother’s art.”

8. “I drew the first picture in 2014. Today, I drew it again!”

9. “Here’s a Joaquin Phoenix Joker portrait I did the other day.”

10. “Get Out graphite drawing by me.”

11. “Did some birds for spring!”

12. “I really love how this one turned out!”

13. “Worked on this oil painting longer than I should have. But I’m happy with how it turned out.”

14. “Thought I’d share my latest painting of the endangered whale shark, ’Resurgam’.”

15. “This started as a white fan. I customized it for my son’s room.”

Which work of art was your favorite? Do you have any artists in your family?

Preview photo credit 1ofZuulsMinions / Reddit


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